Through careful curation of garments, styling, and aesthetics, my team aimed to create a fashion narrative that showcased the rich heritage and unique perspectives of black individuals. 
Each photograph was meticulously crafted to challenge the stereotypes that have been perpetuated through colonialist photography, positioning blackness as a symbol of strength, resilience, and beauty.
Ultimately, our fashion photoshoot aimed to be a catalyst for change, an invitation to reevaluate entrenched perspectives, and an affirmation of the power of self-expression. We hope that through our imagery, viewers are encouraged to critically examine the influence of colonialist photography, the importance of intersectional representation, and the urgency to reclaim the narratives that have been suppressed for far too long.
“The collection name Terrain de jeux does not only mean playground, it symoolizes the general game of fashion. There is the play of ideas and shapes. The play of patterns and colours. The play of material and how they work with or against the natural shape of the body. The play of bravery or playing it safe.
“Fashion is everyones playground and everyone should feel safe playing in it, no matter what modern obstacles surrounds them.” 
– Florian Schulze, Designer.

Photographer: Daniel Willis,
Designer: Florian Schulze, @iamflorianschulze
Model: Vertel Jackson, @____vertel
Photo Assist: Anna Fraire, @annette_f
Retouch: Kris, @kristinakiselichka
Hairstylist: Béanne Da Costa, @beannedacosta
Nail Artist: Rhiannon Thayer, @thams.does.claws

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